So, you'd like to be on screen?

Here are some things I'd like for you to consider before you confirm your interest. 

Something that feels fun and exciting for you – within the context of art, porn and sex. Whether it’s your entire body is full orgasm or a miniscule part of your hand you think is sexy, it’s all relevant and all worthy. Your filming experience is *yours*. Although I can offer my input, the content of your session is up to you. 

Perhaps you want to squish your ass against plexi glass. Perhaps there’s a sex toy you want to demonstrate. Perhaps a group of your lovers are into licking tongues for 5 minutes. Perhaps you want to be covered in pudding while someone eats it. Perhaps you want to have an orgasm with your brainwaves projected onto a wall. You decide what you’re comfortable with and excited about - and we’ll work together to film something that is empowering, safe and artistic.

Think about which location would be best suited for you. Where are you most comfortable to express your full sexy self? 

There is no rush to this work. You need to decide for yourself when (and if) you're ready. 

Safety First.

I’m a huge advocate for both physical and emotional safety. If you decide to participate in this project, you can look forward to conversations about safer sex and emotional preparation! Yay! Something I will particularly be helping you with is an after-care plan, to make sure you’re supported after your filming experience. 

Where is this video going?

If we’re lucky, it’ll be shown at art shows, screenings and festivals worldwide! This will include pornography festivals. You will be informed or and invited to all screenings of the project. My website as well as streaming platforms are also options. Finally, there is a possibility of the film being added to PWYC feminist pornography sites. When any of these opportunities arise, you will be notified. 

Speaking from my own experience in sex-on-screen, a potential benefit is to feel empowered in your body. You might enjoy what you see on screen. You might feel proud of your courage. You might feel more connected to your body. You might discover new ways of giving yourself pleasure. If you agree to it being streamed online or shared at festivals, you will be contributing to sexual education via independent porn. Finally, you will have all your footage sent to you to do what you please with it. 

Being on screen isn’t always glamorous. Although it can be empowering and fun, it can also be difficult and complex. You might not like what you see on screen. You might feel uncomfortable emotions rise after filming (such as shame, embarrassment, guilt, etc. instilled upon us from dominant culture). You might worry about your reputation or work life. There are risks to this work –and although I can be available to talk through them – you need to decide if this is something you want.

There is no shame in feeling like this isn't right for you.

Your participation in this project cannot be considered confidential. As we are working with moving image, audio and lived experience, there is potential for your person to be identified by the features of your body. Even if we only film your feet, I cannot guarantee that no one will ever recognize your body features.

That being said, I can omit your legal name from the credits and use a pseudonym of your choice.

Your participation is yours to decide.

It's important that you feel a FUCK YES! if you want to participate in porn. 

Your participation is voluntary. You are in full control. If, at any point in the process (before filming, in the middle of filming, after filming) you change your mind, I will fully honour that. This includes erasing the footage from my files. 

Before filming, I invite you to answer the following questions:

-What is my relationship to the filmmaker and how might working together impact our relationship? 

-What are potential risks ~in my life~ to participating in pornography?

-What are potential benefits ~to my life~ to participating in pornography? 

-Is there a particular setting that would feel most comfortable for me? (time of day, location, temperature, etc)

-What exactly do I want to film? What do I not want to film? Do I know what my boundaries are?

-How comfortable am I saying no? What happens in my body and in my mind that signals to me that I need to stop?

-How might I want to decompress after the filming? Is there an activity that makes me feel soothed, relaxed or validated?

-How will I process after filming? What are some questions I would like for the filmmaker to ask me a few days after filming?

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Believe in the possibility of everything and nothing.
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